Prophetic Word for the 23rd of April 2021

Prophetic Word for the 23rd of April 2021 - The Nations are waiting

I prepared you because there are so many of my children who have lost the way. Whole nations are waiting for the birth of my Sons and Daughters. My harvest will be short but powerful.

No more delay. No more waiting for the rescue. My remnant army is standing ready to seek the lost sheep and to guide them home. I have trained and prepared them well for such a time as this.

The Nations are waiting

These new warriors with the mandate from Heaven are the answer to many prayers. Prayers of mourning, prayers for Freedom and prayers for salvation. My answer will come with the warrior brides.

The balance will tip from the control of the enemy to a new path that will lead to Mount Zion and eternal life. All are welcome to walk that path. All what they have to do is to trust my ambassadors on earth and to follow me.

The Nations are waiting

A new great Exodus will take place on earth. A powerful movement away from bondage and slavery of the enemy system into the open arms of the only living God. A move towards my holy mountain.

Rejoice, o world, because your rescue has come and you will see the sons and daughters of the most High in your midst. Listen to them and follow them onto the narrow and righteous path that will lead you to salvation.


Triple Grace

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