Prophetic Word for the 22nd of June 2021

Prophetic Word for the 22nd of June 2021 - Do not look back

I am taking you away from your old path, out of your Sodom and Gomorrah and into my place of safety. Do not look back to your old life but keep your eyes focused forward. A wonderful new destiny is awaiting you.

Do not make the mistake of Lot's wife and yearn for the old. Understand that a new dawn is here and a blank canvas of time is in front of you. That will also give you the chance to serve me more and more.

Do not look back

See the new life as a blessing that you have received from your Father so that you can save many more souls and even guide family members that you could not reach before to Mount Zion.

Many more possibilities are lying ahead of you but this time without having a foot in the world. This time you will be whole, transformed and ready as the brides of my only begotten son.

Do not look back

Remember that the past can not be changed and so do not expect to see the same events to happen. It is a new path with new opportunities to bring in a huge harvest for my heavenly Kingdom.

Only a few chosen warriors will enter my new place in time. I know that you are worthy to escape all the things that are coming onto the earth and that you will finish the race strong. I have chosen you to spread the light into the fallen world. Do not look back!


Triple Grace

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