Prophetic Word for the 22nd of July 2022

Prophetic Word for the 22nd of July 2022 - The first part is over

My work in the chosen vessels is done. I have formed you according to my promise and your destiny. Even the first calling is coming to an end in which my Spirit anointed the new apostles.

It is time to turn the work over to my son Jesus who will physically be born again onto the earth. He will not only bring the second part of the calling to fulfillment but will then continue to guide the Remnant Army of New Zion.

The first part is over

You were prepared well and the new apostles are standing ready to receive the blessing from my son when he will breathe the spirit onto them. Then the new disciples will be gathered and prepared.

I have opened the portal and sent the Spirit of Heaven that carries the promise to the earth. That was my mighty work at the end of the first seven years in which I formed the vessels as a good potter.

The first part is over

Now the next stage of the Masterpiece of the End times will begin. Only the lamb of God is worthy to open the seals. He is so close and you will see his Glory on earth again in the upcoming days.

Rest assured that all is coming together according to my plan, the Masterpiece of the End Times and that I am in control. The first part of the calling is over and the Son of Man will be birthed onto the world.


Triple Grace

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