Prophetic Word for the 22nd of January 2022

Prophetic Word for the 22nd of January 2022 - Be still and wait for me

So many questions that you sent with your prayers. My children, be more patient. All is right on track. Your spiritual development has come to an end and now you are preparing the world for the battles.

So very soon will the portal in Heaven be opened and the seal tribulations will begin. It is time to put actions were pure faith was before. Now you must be still and swing into action for my Kingdom.

Be still and wait for me

This is the moment when the harvest workers and powerful warriors must gather together in complete unity. When the Church of Ephesus and the Smyrna are called to stand in the World.

You have moved into the new 222 season of being a witness for my Kingdom and my son Jesus. Your witnessing will set many trapped children free and it will bring in the great harvest of the multitude clothed in white.

Be still and wait for me

You listened to my voices I sent to you and you followed my directions when I showed you a new path. Now step forward and swing into action in the world. Once you were hidden but now you will come into the open.

It is time for the physical. The first active moments of your new destiny. In these first steps I am preparing the World for the upcoming battles. And you are called to build my Holy Places in the nations. Trust me that none of the Safe Havens will get lost in the loop.


Triple Grace

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