Prophetic Word for the 21st of September 2021

Prophetic Word for the 21st of September 2021 - I am coming down

I am coming for my Bride now. The door of the Heavens is opening and my Father has given me permission to bring my bride home. I am also coming to rescue the little ones that I love so much.

I am coming down for the ones who love me and who diligently watched for my return. I will knock on their doors and breathe on them my spirit so that they can walk in the light of the Heavens.

I am coming down

How many prayers were sent to my Father to allow me to return to the earth but the timing of the tribulations did not allow an earlier return. I was also asking him daily to retrieve my beloved bride. Now is the time.

I am coming down not only for the brides who will be taken by me to the third Heaven but also for the ones who volunteered to step onto my path to serve my Father as never before. They are called the true sons and daughters of the Most High.

I am coming down

The battle between good and evil is now beginning. What once started in Genesis will now end in the Book of Revelation. The mighty battles of the sons of light versus the sons of darkness.

My troops are gathered and ready to take the battles to the gates but first I need to rescue the little ones that are in great danger to fall into the hands of this wicked generation. I am coming for them.


Triple Grace

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