Prophetic Word for the 21st of July 2022

Prophetic Word for the 21st of July 2022 - Turn to the Lord

In these days of turmoil and trouble when I am calling my chosen vessels into their destiny and purpose on earth you need to turn to my son Jesus so that you can receive the light that will guide you in the darkness.

Turn to him in all that you do. Focus on your calling and my Kingdom. Know and understand that you will be standing before the Son of Man so very soon. The physical manifestation of the light of the world is at the door.

Turn to the Lord

It is my son who will provide for you more gifts and mantles that you need to bring in the harvest and he will prepare you so that you can walk as his images in the nations of this world.

You can only come to me through him. There is no other way. It will be him who will guide you into Paradise at the end of Seals. Turn to him because your salvation has returned to the world.

Turn to the Lord

Many of you have received dreams and visions about an encounter with my son. These dreams and visions will now come to pass. Stand ready at all times because you do not the time when he will knock at your door.

Prepare your heart, soul and mind for that day when he will take you into his arms and will walk with you for 40 days. It is time to turn your focus on the light of the world and the return of my son Jesus.


Triple Grace

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