Prophetic Word for the 21st of January 2022

Prophetic Word for the 21st of January 2022 - Actions are required

In this new season I am calling you into swift action. It is more and more important for all of my chosen vessels to act in Unity. Stand together and in the gap for one another.

Now is the time of actions. The time when your destiny will be seen by many. The hidden ones that I have prepared are coming now into the open and into their purpose in the nations.

Actions are required

The 222 season will see an active witnessing for my son Jesus, a foundation laying for his Millennium Kingdom and the service in the Holy Places as my true sons and daughters who belong to my royal household.

You were prepared well for this time when you pick up the truth and all revelations I gave you to run the final race towards Mount Zion. A great harvest will be seen once you will swing into action.

Actions are required

The former season of preparations and learning has come to an end and a new path of employing all the knowledge and wisdom is lying ahead of you. Many new places will be created for the Glory of my Kingdom.

Holy places, my Safe Havens, for all who are chosen to be part of the Masterpiece of the end times as my true ambassadors on earth. Many new foundations will be laid in the nations. Now is the time to swing into action.


Triple Grace

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