Prophetic Word for the 20th of October 2021

Prophetic Word for the 20th of October 2021 - A Stone cast

Who is worthy to cast the first stone? Only the one who is without sin. Therefore listen and understand that my son Jesus is coming to cast the stone. Then the seal tribulation will begin.

The stone of my judgements will be cast onto this evil and wicked generation that is not willing to listen to my messages brought forth by my voices. A generation that is ready to slay my Saints in their streets.

A Stone cast

Therefore I have decided to allow my son Jesus to cast the first stone so that the end times will begin. The time of great trial and troubles for the whole earth in which my Glory will be manifested.

The time has come for the stone to be cast and you will see it with your own eyes. Pray that you are accounted worthy to escape all these things that will come onto the earth.

A Stone cast

I have sent my son to collect the children and to come for his brides so that my plan for the whole creation can begin. I have woven these events through the fabric of time and all will change in this last moment.

The stone will be cast and the three water events will come to pass. It will affect all those who have rejected me and my Kingdom but my chosen vessels will shine brighter as ever before. They are my warriors and my light in the upcoming night that will cover the earth.


Triple Grace

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