Prophetic Word for the 20th of June 2021

Prophetic Word for the 20th of June 2021 - Lifting up

You are called to lift my people up. Up onto Mount Zion. Up into my open arms. But first you must understand that standing in the gap for your fellow warriors and harvest workers is also a lifting up.

You will let your light shine when you stand in their gap. There are many opportunities that I have shown you to do so. One is helping your fellow harvest worker to receive the hundredfold blessing they need in their new destiny.

Lifting up

Stand in the gap for others who are not so much blessed as you are and allow them to finish the race strong with all warriors together. When you stand in their gap for the blessings from the Father your soul shows spiritual maturity and the will to serve the Kingdom as never before.

I have given you the opportunity to stand for one another because this attitude is required in the Remnant Army of Kings and Priests. Your new destiny can only be successful when you are standing in unity.

Lifting up

I am calling you out to lift the less fortune warriors up and to walk with them on the same level of blessings as you have received. If I can trust you now with little then my mighty hand will provide you with much during the harvest.

I need trusted and obedient warriors who will follow my voice and will go wherever I will send them. Lift you brothers and sisters of the harvest up in the understanding that I will multiply your blessings a hundredfold. Stand in the gap of all warriors!


Triple Grace

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