Prophetic Word for the 20th of July 2021

Prophetic Word for the 20th of July 2021 - Fire mingled with Blood

The time for fire mingled with blood to fall on the earth has come. Revelation chapter 8 is a pattern to the beginning of Seals and Trumpets. It also relates to Psalm 18 which will be fulfilled now.

It is the beginning of judgements and a cleaning period in which I call the multitude out of Egypt and towards my home. Fire mingled with blood represents on the Kingdom side the Holy Fire carried by my Son who made the blood sacrifice.

Fire mingled with Blood

On the other hand for the enemy side it brings true fire of destruction and blood sacrifices of old to make Satan the ruler of this world. Always remember the duality of Good versus Evil.

It will affect you and your family either in a good or bad way depending on your choice that you make. If you stand with both feet in my Kingdom then Holy Fire will cover you and Jesus will come for you.

Fire mingled with Blood

But if you are standing in the World and Babylon then a fire will come that will destroy your life and many souls will be lost. I have given you plenty of time to choose life over death.

Now it is time for justice and judgements. Fire mingled with Blood will fall from Heaven when the portal will open and the escape of the innocent will take place. Read Psalm 18 and understand what will come onto the earth.


Triple Grace

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