Prophetic Word for the 20th of February 2022

Prophetic Word for the 20th of February 2022 - Further than you think

I am taking you deeper and further than you think. My ways will become your ways and you will experience a part of my Kingdom in your destinies. I am granting you control over time and space.

My harvest workers and warriors are getting prepared for the great sealing of the 144000 who will receive a supernatural body to stand against the physical demons and giants on earth.

Further than you think

Many of the future 144000 are now being prepared and they will be trained in moving from linear to circular time. From New Zion through Abraham's bosom back into linear time. Being present in all three places at the same moment.

This is the training for my chosen vessels so that I can take them closer and closer to me. You need to understand my concept of time and space and you need to experience it so that I can seal you as one of the 144000.

Further than you think

Heaven is merging with the earth and at the end a new creation in circular will emerge. You read about it in the Book of Revelation with the New Heaven and the New Earth. It is all part of the restoration of all things.

The next race that you are starting now will prepare some of you to serve me as part of the 144000 in the Trumpet tribulations. You will walk my ways and will experience the power from on high.


Triple Grace

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