Prophetic Word for the 1st of October 2021

Prophetic Word for the 1st of October 2021 - When I call your name

When I call your name then your destiny will begin. You will be called into your purpose on earth right now. Your name is written in Heaven and on the Gate of New Zion. Listen for your name.

The time has come when my angel will read all names on the list and you need to respond right away to acknowledge your presence and readiness to serve me as never before. This list contains all names of the harvest workers.

When I call your name

After your name was called, groups will be created for the great transport through time into your new place. The huge place that was prepared for you - New Zion where all warriors, harvest workers and shepherds prepare for the incoming souls.

Millions of souls will be harvested in a short period of time and they will all be taken to new Zion to be taken care of until the angels come to collect them for Mount Zion. It will all begin when I call your name.

When I call your name

The moment you arrive at the gate of New Zion, your name will be compared to the names on the huge gate and only if your name was found you will be able to enter that place and to begin your destiny.

It is time for me to call your name and to take you out of the world. the missions will take you back to your dwelling places on earth so that you can bring the light into the dark places but you will always return to New Zion. The time has come when I will call your name.


Triple Grace

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