Prophetic Word for the 1st of March 2022

Prophetic Word for the 1st of March 2022 - Visitation

It is time for the visitation. I have sent my son Jesus to gather the brides who have made themselves ready in beautiful white wedding dresses without spot or wrinkle. They are worthy to stand before the Son of Man.

The world will stand in disbelieve when the first reports of Jesus in Jerusalem will be heard. Soon they will see him performing miracles when he walks with the Leah brides during the 40 days.


As Mary Magdalene had a visitation at the tomb so will you see the Son of Man in all his Glory coming down onto the earth. It is time for the visitation of my son. He will bring the light back to the earth.

This marks the starting point of the new race that will lead many to Mount Zion and to the rapture of the churches at the sixth seal. Many will see the light and will follow the harvest workers onto the new path.


My chosen vessels are called to be witnesses for the Son of Man when the world will reject him as the Antichrist. The evil side will do everything to reject his claim as my son.

But you are prepared well for this moment and you will testify for him through the power from on high that I have bestowed onto you. The time has come for the visitation of the Son of Man. Just a little while longer.


Triple Grace

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