Prophetic Word for the 1st of June 2022

Prophetic Word for the 1st of June 2022 - Into the new

You are moving into a new beginning. A new life full of adventures for me. You will be my harvest workers and warriors alike. Standing in the gap for my lost sheep bonded to the world.

I will give you powers from on high to set the captives free. The mantle of light will illuminate your new path and will bring light into the darkest places in the nations on earth.

Into the new

Your old life has come to an end and now you will walk in union. In the heavenly union between the bridegroom and the bride when the two will become one. Not anymore of the flesh but in the light.

Finally your destiny has arrived and I will open the portal in Heaven to light all of my vessels on fire. New Zion is ready to connect with the willing brides on earth to bring in the harvest.

Into the new

Guided from above, strong as a warriors and bold as never before. These are my harvest workers that I will send into the fields of the world. Prepare the reaping tools and put on your full armor.

I am calling the chosen and separated Remnant into the open. Remember that you will not walk alone but that my son Jesus is coming for you. He will be your commander in chief on the battlefields and the overseer of the harvest.


Triple Grace

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