Prophetic Word for the 19th of May 2022

Prophetic Word for the 19th of May 2022 - You are ready

The time has arrived and you are ready. Ready to meet my only begotten son Jesus Christ. Ready to be his bride and to enter your destiny and purpose on earth. I am telling you that you are ready.

Well prepared for this moment in time when all will change. Having watched diligently for the return of your bridegroom. Now you will see him on the horizon. Stand ready to go out and to meet him.

You are ready

The first seven years are coming to an end and your preparation is over. You have learned so much and you can now pick up the truth and run with it to Mount Zion. My chosen vessels are the ready made brides.

I see your love for me and I have sent the Holy Spirit so that you received many revelations and secrets from Heaven. You will use the new knowledge and understanding to set the captives free.

You are ready

Do not worry when you see the world changing. Do not worry when the enemy will advance. All this is only for a short time. I will open the heaven and my mighty hand will turn the tables on them.

You are the selected harvest workers for this moment in time and I will protect you always. My holy vessels are ready to be placed on display. Let your light shine as never before. You are ready.


Triple Grace

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