Prophetic Word for the 19th of June 2021

Prophetic Word for the 19h of June 2021 - When you meet me

When you meet me and stand before the Son of Man then your life will change completely. You will be my bride that I will call for such a moment in time. We will become one and all will begin.

The moment when you will stand trembling before me will be glorious. The moment when we embrace one another a heavenly moment. The moment when you will touch me an amazing feeling.

When you meet me

Nothing can describe the first moments of our meeting when finally all your dreams coming true and your destiny will begin. You were prepared for this time but it will still be completely new.

I have come to take you to myself as my bride. My chosen warriors who will spread the light into the dark corners. Who will walk as my image on earth and who will be the true sons and daughters of my Father.

When you meet me

Nothing that you have experienced will come close to the moment when you will stand in your wedding dress before me. The moment when our eyes will meet and our souls unite. Times will be no more and eternity will have begun.

When you meet me then my journey will come to an end and soon I will return to take you home before I establish my Millennium Kingdom on earth together with you for all eternity. An everlasting Kingdom in which you will sit with me in my throne room in Jerusalem. All will begin when you meet me. I am coming now for my bride!


Triple Grace

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