Prophetic Word for the 19th of July 2022

Prophetic Word for the 19th of July 2022 - Duality

My vessels, you need to know and understand that the enemy is trying to use my Masterpiece of the End Times to twist it and to ensnare my creation into New Egypt. His plan is full of lies and deceit.

This time of the great harvest is a time of good and evil and you need to discern the messages you read and hear. Let your soul react and if it rejoices than the messages is from me.


Satan is a copycat and he can not create anything by himself. The Antichdrist will come with a similar message of rescue as you will bring forth with the truth of Heaven. The difference is one leads to everlasting life and the other to outer darkness.

You will be standing against the evil flood and against a new Pharaoh that will come in with flattery to lure my creation into the trap so that he can enslave them in his empire.


Do not wonder that the message from this dark person will be close to the truth that you are carrying. The doctrines of Lucifer will be hidden in the small differences but they will decide over Paradise or the Lake of Fire.

Stand for my son Jesus as a witness in the upcoming month and reject the lies and deceit of the enemy. No matter how close it resembles my word. The trap is set and the snare will spring soon.


Triple Grace

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