Prophetic Word for the 19th of August 2022

Prophetic Word for the 19th of August 2022 - Crossing the Jordan

You have arrived at the line that separates the spiritual from the physical reality. You will cross the Jordan and enter your purpose and destiny on earth. It is time to change from spiritual to physical.

You will experience great changes within you and in your surroundings. Nothing will remain as it was before. The world is being prepared for the new Pharaoh and the darkness that is coming through the portal.

Crossing the Jordan

Once you crossed over you will find yourself in enemy territory and the battles will begin. The first city that must fall is Jericho. The walls of the world must fall so that my truth can enter.

Get battle ready. There is no way out because this is your point of no return. My chosen vessels will now be put on display. Finally they will enter into the fields of harvest and battle.

Crossing the Jordan

My mighty hand will part the line so that you can cross over into a whole new world. It will seem so supernatural. All my promises and revelations for your life will now come to pass.

And soon you will be standing before the Son of Man. That day is approaching very quickly but know that you are worthy to meet your Lord and Savior. Your bridegroom will embrace you on the earth. It is time to cross the Jordan.


Triple Grace

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