Prophetic Word for the 19th of April 2022

Prophetic Word for the 19th of April 2022 - Tsunami

A huge tsunami is coming that will shake the world and will lift my chosen vessels into their positions for my Kingdom. A tsunami that will bring down the first Babylon. It is time for her fall.

The tsunami will come suddenly and Babylon will be destroyed within one hour. My judgement over this great city will be fulfilled. Her sins will not cover the earth again. A huge tsunami is coming.


Many will mourn the demise of Babylon. The ones who have made trade with her and who have received their riches from her. But the queen who made herself beautiful with the blood of my children will fall.

A terrible judgement is decreed over this city. Many of the world leader have profited from her sins and dark workings. All nations were seeking her for advice and counsel. But my judgement will bring her down.


A huge tsunami will come over her and she will fall within one hour so that her fornication and whoring for power will be wiped from the earth. It will be like a millstone around her neck.

This great city will be covered by water to purify her from all the evil deeds she has committed in front of me. The blood of the innocent who fell victim to her doings were crying out to the Heavens day and night. Now they will be revenged. My judgement will fall with a huge tsunami


Triple Grace

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