Prophetic Word for the 18th of May 2021

Prophetic Word for the 18th of May 2021 - The Harvest

The harvest does not only begin after the loop but I need you in the fields right now. There are always lost sheep around you and you are my lights that I will shine into the darkest corners.

As it is written in my scriptures that the woman gives birth before she travails so you also need to step into the fields that are ripe for the harvest in this moment. Do not relax thinking I can wait until the Lord comes.

The Harvest

Do not allow my creation to suffer when you can do something about it. Seek the lost, the nameless and faceless and lift them up in my holy name. Show them the narrow path towards Mount Zion.

You action and deeds in the short time before the loop will show your faithfulness and determination to serve my Kingdom. These deeds will separate you from the sleeping churches and the ones who lean back and are waiting for me to move first. They might wait longer than they expect.

The Harvest

Do not turn away from suffering and tears with excuses like the Lord will take care of it when you can step in right now. You are part of my heavenly Kingdom and as such you need to act as my ambassadors on earth especially now when the enemy becomes stronger and deadlier in his actions.

I will be with you always and will support you wherever you step in for Kingdom. Stand in the gap for the little ones, the poor and the naked. Stand in the gap for the hungry, the oppressed and the needy. I will repay any and all of your righteous deeds with blessings you can't even imagine. Step into the Harvest right now!


Triple Grace

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