Prophetic Word for the 18th of March 2022

Prophetic Word for the 18th of March 2022 - Wait for it

I see you all getting restless and also this is by design you need to wait for the Light returning to the World. My son is on his way to gather the brides and the world will stand in perplexity.

The Mega event is coming soon. Stand ready and let no one steal your crown. The enemy tries to block you from your blessings and your destiny but he will not succeed. No matter how it looks right now.

Wait for it

Be a little patient and wait for all the gifts and mantles that will be released towards you. There is much stored up in heaven that will help you to fulfill your destiny and purpose on earth.

The transformation will give you the strength to run the final race towards Mount Zion and the blessings will help you to bring in the harvest and to keep them safe until you are called to the mountain.

Wait for it

Keep on moving on the narrow and righteous path and do not worry about the things in the world. They are just a distraction to keep you away from my heavenly Kingdom. Remember that you belong to me and not the World.

My promises will be fulfilled so very soon and you will walk my ways in a new life. A life that you have always prayed for. Serving me and my Kingdom foremost and forever. The Sons of God are being birthed right now.


Triple Grace

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