Prophetic Word for the 18th of July 2021

Prophetic Word for the 18th of July 2021 - The Light

I am covering you in the Light of Heaven. When my mighty hand will appear I will cloak you with the Light. It will fit your body like a new mantle and everyone will see it. My Light will be given to you.

This Light will allow you to fulfill your destiny and to receive the positions and gifts you need to enter even into the darkest corners. It will transform you into a true son or daughter of mine.

The Light

At first this intense Light might blind you as it blinded Saul and some of you will be afraid but then you will feel the Glory that this Light will bring to your mind, heart and soul.

The Glory of my Kingdom will be part of your new armor. An armor that no fiery dart of the enemy can ever penetrate. It serves as a hedge of protection around you and will be with you in any mission you do for me.

The Light

A bright and intense Light will suddenly hit you. Be prepared because in that moment you will see my mighty hand moving in your life. Everything will change and you will be rejuvenated to receive the strength you need to run the race.

The Light of the Kingdom will return to the world as it did when I sent my only begotten Son in his first coming. The time to establish a Kingdom on earth is here and now the Light must return to set the captives free.


Triple Grace

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