Prophetic Word for the 18th of August 2021

Prophetic Word for the 18th of August 2021 - Out of a dark cloud

They will come out of a dark cloud and they will overrun the earth. Hades will extend its grip on the World. Shadows will cover the lights. My churches will be persecuted and many souls will fall.

Darkness is coming to cover the earth as it is written in the scriptures. The fourth seal will bring forth Death and Hades will follow. Demonic spirits will use willing vessels to afflict great suffering throughout my creation.

Out of a dark cloud

This evil flood is prophesied from ancient times and now it will manifest on earth. Most people have no understanding of those things that are coming onto the world. They have rejected my messages as statements from religious fanatics.

These people will wake up to a whole new world. A world that will become their prison in which they will be mind controlled and bound into slavery by Satan. He will use his puppet, the Antichrist, Mr. O. to ensnare the whole earth.

Out of a dark cloud

Times will change quickly and suddenly your old life is gone being replaced with hell on earth. This is your final warning. Choose life over death and stand with my heavenly Kingdom.

I am the only one that can protect you when they will come out of a dark cloud. I have prepared an army of warriors clothed in my light to stand against the evil flood and to rescue my lost sheep. The great harvest will be done directly under the nose of Satan.


Triple Grace

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