Prophetic Word for the 18th of April 2022

Prophetic Word for the 18th of April 2022 - Suffering for my Kingdom

As long as you are in your fleshly body you will suffer for my Kingdom. Lucifer will send his minions to take you down and to stop you from serving me as never before. However he will not be able to kill you.

My angels are watching over you and will remove any demonic sickness as soon as possible. But once the enemy has placed his poison in your body you will suffer for my Kingdom for a time until your body has overcome the darkness.

Suffering for my Kingdom

This will end when I will rapture you into Paradise and your fleshly body will be changed to a spiritual one. Then the enemy has no access to it anymore. Until then you need to be prepared to suffer for my kingdom.

After the transformation your suffering will be reduced because you will have received new strength and new mantles but you are still in your fleshly body. The Church of Smyrna will suffer greatly for my Kingdom.

Suffering for my Kingdom

Neither death nor hell will overcome my chosen vessels and you will not die before you have fulfilled your destiny and purpose. I am placing a covering and hedge of protection of every dwelling place of Zion.

Be ready to suffer for my Kingdom so that I can call you a true son and daughter of the Most High. My heavenly army will be on your side and you will walk under an open Heaven with me. Lucifer will not be able to kill you.


Triple Grace

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