Prophetic Word for the 17th of June 2021

Prophetic Word for the 17th of June 2021 - Truth

The heavenly truth can not be hidden or turned upside down as Satan tries to do it. My truth will always come through and I am sending messengers and prophets out to declare the truth of Heaven.

Truth is like the light. You need to place is on high so that it can lit up the whole room. Do not hide the light under a chair or stool but place it on top so that all can see it.


My truth will be shouted from the roof tops. It will be declared in the darkest corners of Hades and my truth will set the captives free. The heavenly truth is being delivered by my powerful warriors.

They are walking in Spirit and Truth to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom and bring in the harvest of my lost sheep and the prodigal sons and daughters that I am seeking. They will return my sheep back into my arms.


The truth about my Kingdom and Mount Zion will set them free and will allow them to clean their garments in the blood of the lamb. A multitude that no one can number will be standing at Mount Zion.

My truth will shine like the light of the world onto the broad way to call the sleeping churches out of her into my blessings and onto the narrow and righteous path that will lead to Mount Zion and eternal life. The truth will set them free!


Triple Grace

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