Prophetic Word for the 17th of August 2022

Prophetic Word for the 17th of August 2022 - Ready to carry the mantle

My new apostles are ready to carry the mantle of Elijah and to bring the Mount Carmel moment to all the lost sheep that have gone astray in this fallen and wicked world. They must choose.

Either to remain in the World and continue to serve idols or to come out of her and to return home to my Kingdom. The Spirit of Elijah is the mantle that will allow you to stand against Jezebel.

Ready to carry the mantle

This mantle comes with great authority to act on behalf of my Kingdom on Earth but it also comes with great responsibility towards the lost sheep and all who suffer at the hand of the enemy.

You need to set them free from the bondage and slavery of New Egypt that is ruled and reigned by the Pharaoh, the Antichrist. He will try to come against you as Ahab and Jezebel came against Elijah. He will not prevail.

Ready to carry the mantle

You were prepared to receive this mantle and to be the foundation layers of the new temple and the Millennium Kingdom. You are the forerunners of my son Jesus in the pattern of John, the Baptist.

Being the witnesses of the light. Knowing that you are not the Light. You are co-heirs to the throne and Sons of God called forth for this moment in time to stand against the evil flood. You are ready to carry the mantle.


Triple Grace

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