Prophetic Word for the 16th of October 2021

Prophetic Word for the 16th of October 2021 - Leah and Rachel

I am gathering the innocent children. Each and every one of them will see me and will hear my voice. I will take them by the hand and they will walk with me to the great event that will bring them into the Third Heaven.

Soon I am coming for my bride. For Leah, my first fruits of the wheat harvest and then for Rachel, my powerful warriors who will walk the earth in my image to seek the lost sheep and to set them free.

Leah and Rachel

The brides who have made themselves ready. Some to join the innocent ones in the Third Heaven and some to enter the place that I have prepared for them. My brides will know my voice.

They will stand as witnesses in this evil world and will proclaim that the Kingdom of God has come and that I am walking the earth for 40 days. My true witnesses in a time of great darkness.

Leah and Rachel

They are the ones with a pure heart for their bridegroom and the soul of a warrior ready to stand on all battlefields for the heavenly Kingdom. They have gone through great tribulations in their lives and were forged as gold in the fire.

Now their reward has come. I have returned for them to bring them the glory of the Kingdom of God and everlasting life. They will abide in me and I in them. The two will become one and then they will walk with me wherever I go. Leah and Rachel, my brides, will be visited now.


Triple Grace

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