Prophetic Word for the 16th of June 2021

Prophetic Word for the 16th of June 2021 - I am all powerful

Most people do not understand the scriptures and especially my masterpiece, the end times, because they do not know how powerful I am. I am the creator of all and I can do anything.

But my churches have fixed me in their spiritual belief and rejected the messages that I am sending because it seems to them fantastic and outlandish. Do not measure me with a worldly mind.

I am all powerful

I will and can use anything to bring forth the victory of the Kingdom of Heaven. Do not forget that Satan still has access to the heaven and that is the reason why the battle is between two very powerful adversaries.

Two powerful armies will stand against each other. The Sons of Light versus the Sons of Darkness as described in the War Scroll. There is no coincidence that it is a scroll and my son Jesus will break the seals to open one.

I am all powerful

Do not limit me in any way or thinking. Do not come against my mouthpieces because it seems unbelievable. I am the God of wonders and miracles. The creator of time and the bringer of laws.

I will use all powers at my disposal to end the seed wars from Genesis and I will make sure that the Heavens will overcome Hell. Do not put me in a box but know that I am all powerful.


Triple Grace

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