Prophetic Word for the 16th of July 2021

Prophetic Word for the 16th of July 2021 - The Lord has returned

The day is here when I return for my creation. I have promised it in my scriptures and that day has now finally arrived. The heaven is merging with the earth and the end times will begin.

My only son Jesus Christ is sent to take his firstborn bride Leah home. After the wedding he will walk the earth for 40 days to warn the wicked generation as Jonah did in Nineveh.

The Lord has returned

He will come on a white horse to conquer the world and to overcome it. He and his chosen harvesting brides who will operate during the Seal tribulations and will set the captives free.

They are my Remnant Army of New Zion, a group set apart to serve the heavenly Kingdom when Satan is trying to ensnare the whole world. He will not succeed and he can not hide from my face.

The Lord has returned

The day has come that you are all praying for. A day of doom for the world but a day of rejoicing for the brides of Christ. I am also coming to rescue my children and it is now.

All will begin with the opening of the portal in heaven and my mighty hand that will appear to start the end times. The time is now and there is no more delay. Armor up and stand ready for the heavens to open and my angels to carry you into your destiny. I have returned to my creation.


Triple Grace

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