Prophetic Word for the 16th of December 2021

Prophetic Word for the 16th of December 2021 - Your life is in my hand

I have chosen you well out of all of my creation to serve me during this time. I have prepared you in many wildernesses and fires and I will never leave nor forsake you in your destiny.

Your life is in my hand now and forever more. You are called as my sons and daughters and your names are written in Heaven. Part of my royal household and co-heirs with my son Jesus.

Your life is in my hand

I have put you in the palm of my hand to cover your head and to place a hedge of protection around you. The enemy is not able to snatch you out of your path. My true ambassadors on earth belong to me and my Kingdom.

I have made you strong and soon the transformation will give you an additional power to run the final race that will take you to the finishing line at Mount Zion where you will be raptured into Paradise.

Your Life is in my hand

Rejoice that my mighty hand covers you in all your ways and in every dark valley. You will bring in the multitude clothed in white and you will set the prisoners free from New Egypt.

The House of Israel will be gathered together with the crafted in Gentiles of this world. All will be done for my glory and the heaven rejoices over each and every harvest worker that volunteers right now. Always remember that your life is in my hand.


Triple Grace

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