Prophetic Word for the 16th of August 2021

Prophetic Word for the 16th of August 2021 - Code of Heaven

I have given you the code of Heaven to understand the end times and my plan that I have for you and my whole creation. You have seen numbers and received revelations to put these numbers to work.

Still many have not opened their eyes and walk the broad way instead of the narrow path that leads to Mount Zion. They have rejected my words and placed them together with the lies of the enemy. You have erred my children and therefore you will see much suffering.

Code of Heaven

In the last years I have used many voices who declared the end from the beginning and who were instructed to teach you the truth. They have fulfilled their purpose now and I will take them home in the escape. They will receive a special crown for their diligent Kingdom work.

But what shall I do with the ones who have mocked them and who called them names out if ignorance and because my messages did not fit their agendas? What shall I do with you lukewarm people?

Code of Heaven

They have rejected the gifts that I sent in answer to your prayers. You asked for knowledge and wisdom and I answered you. Why have you then rejected me? I will hand you over to the great delusion so that you will believe a lie.

But my faithful servants who took my gifts and ran with them to the finishing line. Who remained in the upper room gathered as my flock to those will my son Jesus come to either take them home or to give them his light for the next race, the great harvest to follow. I have given you the Code of Heaven.


Triple Grace

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