Prophetic Word for the 16th of April 2022

Prophetic Word for the 16th of April 2022 - Mount your Horses

Mount your horses and come into formation. Your destiny has come and the first battles will begin. You are called and chosen to take the battles of the Lord to the gates of Hell.

I am sending you into dark places and evil nations. Through time and space to seek my lost sheep and to set them free. Your time to shine has come and you need to mount your horses now.

Mount your Horses

I am sending you on to a glorious mission for my Kingdom to gather a mighty harvest in my name. A multitude clothed in white that no one can number. Prodigal sons and daughters who have returned to me.

You will be my beacons of light in many dark places and the rock in the storm for many when all these things are coming down onto the earth. The seal tribulations are lying ahead of you.

Mount your Horses

Warriors, it is time to mount your horses and to ride into your destiny. To serve me as a true son or daughter and to follow my commands no matter where I send you or what you need to do.

You are my mouthpieces and my ambassadors in the nations to testify for my Glory before Judges and Kings. To speak forth the truth of my heavenly Kingdom and to gather the lost sheep of the House of Israel. Mount your horses now!


Triple Grace

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