Prophetic Word for the 15th of May 2021

Prophetic Word for the 15th of May 2021 - Transition

You are in a transition period from your old life to the new. A new beginning and a new dawn is here. So very soon you will enter your destiny and purpose on earth. This is your transition towards glory.

Seven years have passed from my signs in the heavens in 2014. Seven years of training and preparation. Seven easy years compared to what is coming. Now you have reached the end of the first 7.


Trust in me that I will take you into a new place. A place of blessings and resources in which you will not only hear my voice but in which you will have a new relationship with me as my true sons and daughters.

The nations are waiting for the birth of the Sons of God. That moment in time has come and my daughter of Zion has gone into travail. Birth pangs have overtaken her and the coming forth is close at hand.


Wait now for my transformation and my blessings that I will bestow onto you. All will change and I have prepared a place for you. My son is coming for his bride to start the end times and to break the seals.

The enemy thinks he can escape my wrath but I will follow him with my Remnant Army even into his place of Hades. There is no cave on earth where he or his minions can hide from my judgements. Remember my scriptures. They will all be fulfilled now. This is your transition period.


Triple Grace

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