Prophetic Word for the 15th of June 2022

Prophetic Word for the 15th of June 2022 - Father, Son and Holy Spirit

I am sending all my powers from the Heaven. You will see the might of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit on earth. The Glory of my Kingdom will be seen in the nations. I am coming to judge the wicked generation.

I will walk with my chosen vessels under an open Heaven as I did with Adam and Eve in Paradise. My son Jesus will oversee the harvest workers and will be the commander in chief of the Remnant Army of New Zion.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit

My Holy Spirit will be given to all those who have volunteered to bring in the harvest of the ages and they will walk from miracle to miracle. The spirits of my Saints will be granted as the former rain.

And the angels of Heaven will pray for the multitude clothed in white to be brought in. All of my Heaven will be involved in the Masterpiece of the End Times so that my Kingdom will prevail of the enemy.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit

I have told you that I will merge Heaven with the Earth and that it is time to push sin out so that I can create a new heaven and new earth at the end. I will make the enemy the footstool for my son Jesus.

My warriors will be able to step on snakes and scorpions to stand in the gap for my lost sheep and to set them free. Nothing will harm them and they will all reach Paradise on Mount Zion.


Triple Grace

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