Prophetic Word for the 15th of June 2021

Prophetic Word for the 15th of June 2021 - John

I am calling a witness out of the ones that my angel is sealing right now. A witness to the events that will take place in my throne room in the Heavens. A witness to the opening of the seal.

The book of revelation will come to pass right in front of your eyes and you will either be part of the harvesting one third portion or you will be taken into the places of Satan as one of the sleeping two thirds.


John is a warrior that I have specially chosen to see all these things coming to pass as the first of my witnesses. The seal tribulation is the time of the witnesses of my Kingdom on earth.

They will spread the Gospel, minister to the sleeping two thirds and they will stand against the evil flood. Witnesses and true ambassadors of the Kingdom of Heaven. The first dominion will be given to them.


The first of the witnesses has an important role to play in fulfilling my scriptures. I will do nothing before I have revealed it to my prophets and everything will be witnessed to stand up in the court of Heaven.

John was carefully selected among the many harvesting brides and he will be called up into the heavenly throne room to be present when my son Jesus breaks the seals and opens the scroll. The end times will then begin with the first rider. I am calling John into duty.


Triple Grace

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