Prophetic Word for the 15th of July 2022

Prophetic Word for the 15th of July 2022 - No more mistakes

I have revealed the truth of Heaven to you over the last seven years. I formed you as a potter forms his vessels. You have reached the end of your training. Now it is time to be my true sons and daughters on the earth.

I am telling you that there will be no more mistakes. No more mistaken times, no more mistaken events and no more mistaken words. All is coming to pass and right now. You have hit the bull's eye.

No more mistakes

All that was spoken forth were and is the truth. The problem for you in linear time was to find the right moment when all will begin. You did some mistakes in the past because you placed me in a box.

But now you are right on target and there will be no more mistakes. The Spirit of Heaven has merged with the earth through the open portal and the battle lines are being drawn.

No more mistakes

All the players, good and evil, are being called now and you will see prophecy after prophecy coming to pass. Miracles and wonders will walk with you on a daily basis. Once it has begun no one can stop it anymore.

Listen now! Listen to the truth that is spoken forth because in this moment of time there are no more mistakes and the end times have truly begun. My son Jesus will be standing on earth so very soon. There are no more mistakes - You are right on target.


Triple Grace

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