Prophetic Word for the 15th of July 2021

Prophetic Word for the 15th of July 2021 - Cover

Your diligent work for my Kingdom and your standing in the gap for the lost sheep is such a precious work for me that I will extend your cover to your sons and daughters and your families.

Your faith and your warrior heart are covering your family. I will not remove my hand from your sons and daughters and any of your family not even if they do not belong to me yet.


You have proven yourself worthy to escape all those things that will come onto the earth now and your love for me will place a hedge of protection around your closest relatives.

I will keep them, heal them from their fall and guide them back to me in due time. Because of your faithfulness they are protected and kept in Abraham's bosom even if they are truly lost.


You are standing in the gap for your families and you cover them with your pure heart. Every step that you do on the narrow path to Mount Zion will help the unsaved to receive more of my glory.

I promise you that your family will not be lost forever and that I will heal and take them out of the new Egypt. Do not worry about them. I have them in the palm of my hands. Your love for me covers them even in the darkest valley.


Triple Grace

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