Prophetic Word for the 15th of December 2021

Prophetic Word for the 15th of December 2021 - Step by step

You are on your path that will lead towards me and my heavenly Kingdom. Step by step, event by event, you will draw closer. It has all begun and your destiny is at arm's length.

Continue to walk the new path and embrace all the revelations that I have given you. Pick up the truth and run with it until the end and you will be become a successful harvest worker.

Step by step

The path lies ahead of you. You just need to use it and it will guide you to Mount Zion and the rapture into Paradise. This path is a heavenly one and not the broad way of the world.

Step by step you come closer as my true sons and daughters and I rejoice over every step you do. Rest assured that I will be with you until the end. Nothing will come against you or harm you in any way.

Step by step

All what you have to do is to walk the path of your final destiny and to bring forth the light of my son Jesus into a fallen world. The fields are ripe for the harvest and my chosen vessels are ready to thresh the wheat.

Step by step you come closer and closer to my heavenly Kingdom and your true home. I have made you Kings and Priests for such a time as this to be my true ambassadors on earth. Continue now on the path. The next step is waiting.


Triple Grace

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