Prophetic Word for the 14th of September 2021

Prophetic Word for the 14th of September 2021 - My son is your Ark

A flood is coming. A flood so different from the ones of Noah. An evil flood that will overrun the whole earth. How do you survive a flood? By entering an ark as Noah and his family did.

My son Jesus had spoken of the days of Noah for the end times. You need to understand these pattern in relation to the evil army that will take control of the world through the toxin and other measures.

My son is your Ark

To not only survive the evil flood but to have a new beginning as it was described in the scriptures you need to board the Ark. The ark will take care of you. You will be sheltered and you will have food and resources.

My son Jesus is your Ark. Acknowledge him, stand on his side, join his cause and remain separated from the world. The time is close in which my son will walk the earth for 40 days. He will come for the children and the brides.

My son is your Ark

Once you have become one the countdown to the evil flood is ticking. Similar to the 7 days from Noah entering the ark to the rain starting. The door of the ark will close and whosoever remains outside will fall to the flood.

The ones inside will stand for the Kingdom and will begin their harvest work in a new life through New Zion, the place that my son had prepared for you. There were 40 days in the times of Noah and so will it be again.


Triple Grace

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