Prophetic Word for the 14th of October 2021

Prophetic Word for the 14th of October 2021 - Moving

Get ready to move. I will elevate you into a new place from which you will operate during this seal tribulation. A place that my son Jesus has prepared for his bride. For all those who have volunteered for the harvest work.

Have you gotten your life in order? Have you packed your bags? Because you are going to move into your purpose and destiny now. You must leave the old habits and old ways behind.


When the day comes that will begin with dark clouds and thunder. The day when the portal in Heaven will open and my mighty hand will be seen then get ready to leave your places and to move into New Zion.

You need to endure this day because it will come with great and significant changes for your body and your life. Such a paradigm shift can be very unpleasant but you will see my glory and my power on earth.


The whirlwind will come, shake you to the core and lift you out of your old life. This wind of change will carry you by my command into a huge place and you will feel as I have rescued you out of deep waters.

I see that many of you are in danger to be overrun by the evil scheme. Satan has convinced the worldly rulers to come against their own citizens by force but I am standing ready to come for you. You will be moving soon.


Triple Grace

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