Prophetic Word for the 14th of May 2022

Prophetic Word for the 14th of May 2022 - Prepare the Way

I am calling you into position to prepare the way for my son Jesus to come with Mount Zion back to the earth. I am sending you ahead of him to prepare the cities and the nations for his arrival.

Jesus will appoint you when he comes for the 40 days of repentance to Jerusalem. New apostles and disciples will be selected for this task and for the great harvest of the ages.

Prepare the Way

John, the Baptist, was chosen to prepare the way for my son when he was born into the flesh and now my harvest workers and warriors are called to this mission for the end times.

I will send you the spirit of John so that you can be succesful as he was victorious and that you rescue many of my lost sheep out of the bondage to the enemy. You will speak boldly against the doctrines of Lucifer.

Prepare the Way

You will be sent out into dark places to preach the truth and to be the beacons of light in a lost world. The seal tribulation is the time of the light of the world versus the fake light of Lucifer.

I have prepared you well to prepare the way for my only begotten son and to seek out the lost sheep to take them home. Soon you will be standing before the Son of Man and then your destiny will begin. Prepare the way in the spirit of John.


Triple Grace

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