Prophetic Word for the 14th of January 2022

Prophetic Word for the 14th of January 2022 - A new Season

My children, I am taking you into a new season in which my harvest workers and powerful warriors are walking in wonders and miracles. That what once was impossible can be done now in ease.

I will provide you with new gifts, mantles and resources and your accounts will flow over so that you can spread the truth of my Kingdom into the dark and fallen world. You are called to do great exploits in my name.

A new Season

This is the moment in time when I call my warriors by name out of all creation to serve me on each and every battlefield that will be created to take down the enemy and his minion army.

This is the moment when I will record your name. Every name of those who have watched diligently for the return of my Son Jesus and who have volunteered to seek the lost sheep of my Kingdom who got astray in the World.

A new Season

It is time to enter your destiny and purpose on earth. The hidden ones that I have preserved for the Glory of my Kingdom will now step forward. I am calling the warriors of the seal tribulation into unity right now.

This is the time of the gathering of my Remnant Army from the four corners of the earth so that the Light will prevail over the darkness. So that many of my prodigal sons and daughters will find the way home. This is the new Season.


Triple Grace

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