Prophetic Word for the 14th of August 2022

Prophetic Word for the 14th of August 2022 - Bring down the High Places

I have charged you to bring down the high places the enemy has created in the world. Lofty people who deny my power and my Kingdom and are seeking their own Glory over mine. Take these places down.

You will do this by living the principles of Heaven in opposition to the doctrines of Lucifer. Love will overcome hatred, Mercy will defeat selfishness and Compassion will remove suffering.

Bring down the High Places

The enemy has created this places to ensnare the world in his trap. He uses temptations to bind and enslave my creation in his evil empire. Soon the new Pharaoh will step forward to rule the world.

Seek my lost sheep and bring them the truth of Heaven to offer them a way out of the High Places beck into my open arms. They will see my love through you and will return home to the Kingdom of God.

Bring down the High Places

I have prepared you well as a potter prepares the vessels for your destiny and purpose on earth. You have received the powers from on high to take down the High Places in the nations.

In my scriptures you see that I always anointed my servants to stand against the Baal, the enemy and to remove his High Places on the mountains. Now it is your time during the Seal tribulations to stand against the Antichrist. Bring down his high places.


Triple Grace

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