Prophetic Word for the 14th of April 2022

Prophetic Word for the 14th of April 2022 - I am your Shepherd

In the upcoming days you need to listen to my voice because I will guide you to the places you are destined for. Some of you will soon see the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, your bridegroom.

Do not worry if you are not called to meet him in this moment. He will then come for you a bit later but you are all worthy brides to stand before the Son of Man. Not every eye will see him in this time.

I am your Shepherd

Trust in me and my Kingdom so that you can not get lost in all these things that are coming down onto the earth. Seek my Kingdom and its righteousness first and foremost and then I will add everything else to you.

I require great faith in these days. Faith that can move mountains. You might not see it all in one day but trust that my promises will come true. I have many gifts stored up for the brides.

I am your Shepherd

The sheep know my voice and they will follow me wherever I direct them. Do not fall for the temptations of the world or their evil masters. They have nothing to offer you. I am your shepherd and your heavenly Father.

I have chosen you for this moment in time because you have the heart of warriors and I know that you will fulfill your destiny without delay. My ways will become your ways through time and space. Follow the true shepherd in the upcoming days.


Triple Grace

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