Prophetic Word for the 13th of September 2021

Prophetic Word for the 13th of September 2021 - The Past will return

You thought that your past is gone and over? But I am telling you that your past will return. It will come back to life. Not in the same way as it was before but in a similar manner.

However, I have a gift for you. In the Future Past the things that were stolen from the enemy will be restored to you seven fold. A seven fold blessing will change your past and many things that were not possible before will be achievable now.

The Past will return

All what is required is to volunteer for the harvest work and to stand for my heavenly Kingdom. No blessings will come to the ones who have chosen the world over the Heavens. You need to have come out of her.

Many of you have prayed and asked for a past in which they could return with blessings to help their friends and families and to serve me as they never could before. Your prayers are being answered now.

The Past will return

New gifts, mantles and resources will make the returning past so different for my harvest workers. You will meet new people and all that was before will change for the better. I will make sure that you have all what you need for the harvest work.

Do not worry that you will experience lack, pain or sickness as it might have been before. This time you will shine as the stars in the firmament when you will bring many people to righteousness. The harvest of the ages will begin in the Future Past.


Triple Grace

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