Prophetic Word for the 13th of October 2021

Prophetic Word for the 13th of October 2021 - Jesus meets his bride

My son Jesus had selected his bride a long time ago. He then returned to me to build a place for her and now have I sent him back to the earth to retrieve her to my Kingdom and to their new places.

He has arrived to met you very soon. First he will gather the children, my innocent and holy ones but then he will turn to his brides who are diligently watching for his return.

Jesus meets his bride

Finally the moment has come after a long wait when Jesus and his bride will meet. Both sides have anticipated this moment for many years and both sides have come before me to allow this moment to happen.

Now is the time when the two will become one. The bridegroom will arrive with the midnight cry and the ready made bride will hurry to meet him on the way. A powerful union will bless the Kingdom of God.

Jesus meets his bride

You have waited for this moment for a long time but now you can see your bridegroom approaching from the horizon. You have prepared your wedding dress and have trimmed your lights so that you can go out to meet him even in the darkest night.

He is coming to embrace you and to take you with him into the place that he has prepared for you. For some of you to the third heaven and for others into New Zion. The time of the marriage has come.


Triple Grace

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