Prophetic Word for the 13th of November 2021

Prophetic Word for the 13th of November 2021 - My Ways

My ways will now manifest on the earth. I have told you that you will walk my path when you enter your destiny for the Kingdom. It is time for the Heaven to merge with the Earth.

You will shine the light of my ways into the farthest corners and you will light up the darkest rooms. You are my true ambassadors and you will show my ways to a fallen and evil world.

My Ways

It begins now! The Kingdom path will be seen on earth. My powerful warriors who will serve me as children of my royal court. As my true sons and daughters of the heavenly Kingdom.

You will walk in my ways for all to see. The whole world will experience the light that has returned to the world and they will marvel over my Remnant Army of New Zion. I am sending you out as the beacons of light into the darkness.

My Ways

I am bringing judgements and justice to this evil generation and the ones who are in league with Satan and declare evil for good and good for evil will be punished now. I am coming to bring my ways.

The chosen vessels for such a time as this will receive a mantle that will allow them to walk with me in my ways in every valley of the earth. A great revival will start and many of the lost sheep will return to my Kingdom. It begins now! My ways will be seen on the Earth.


Triple Grace

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