Prophetic Word for the 13th of March 2022

Prophetic Word for the 13th of March 2022 - Judges and Kings

The enemy is preparing the places where he will show you forth when you will testify for my names sake before Judges and Kings. They will try to refute the truth that you are spreading.

Do not worry when this time will come. I will open your tongue and you will speak heavenly words so that they can not find any fault within you. Not a hair on your head will be harmed.

Judges and Kings

These meetings will bring forth the Glory of my Kingdom and many will turn from the evil side after your testimonies. I will send wonders and miracles so that my lost sheep will be set free.

You will be so bold that no prosecutor in the world will be able to counterattack your words and statements. Each and every testimony will be a glorious moment for my heavenly Kingdom.

Judges and Kings

Your words will be so strong that even the Judges will be removed from the evil empire and will ask you for the way to Paradise. You will be my true ambassadors in all the nations of the earth.

My might and power will be standing with you on such a day and nothing that you will speak forth is in any way your own but you will speak my words, the words of your Father in Heaven. In that moment I will cover you with all of my Light.


Triple Grace

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