Prophetic Word for the 13th of June 2022

Prophetic Word for the 13th of June 2022 - Serve the Kingdom

You are called and chosen to serve me Kingdom in the upcoming seal tribulation. Stepping out into the nations girded with the truth from heaven and covered with the light of this world.

The new season is a time of witnessing for my son Jesus and a time for gathering the lost sheep that went astray in the world. Go, find them and guide them home into my open arms.

Serve the Kingdom

You are sons and daughters of the day and I am sending you as beacons of light into many dark valleys and places. Let your light shine for my heavenly Kingdom and stand strong against the lies and deceit of the enemy.

In the time when the world will fall for the doctrines of Lucifer you will be the rescue anchor for many of my children. They will see your light and will hear the voice of the shepherd.

Serve the Kingdom

You are becoming Kings and Priests in this season to introduce my Kingdom and its principles to a fallen world. True ambassadors that will show the world a way out of New Egypt in the spirit of Moses.

Serve me now as never before and stand against the evil flood and all the temptations that they will use to bind my sheep. The bond to the enemy must be broken so that they can walk the narrow and righteous path. It is time to serve the Kingdom.


Triple Grace

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