Prophetic Word for the 13th of July 2022

Prophetic Word for the 13th of July 2022 - Promise of Paradise

Many of my children carry the promise of Paradise. The promise that one day I will take them to myself and into everlasting life. It will come to pass at the end of the sixth seal when the multitude will be gathered.

My son Jesus is coming at that time with Mount Zion and on Mount Zion is Paradise. The mansions that he poke about in the Gospel of John. This will be the "Rapture" of my Church.

Promise of Paradise

Unfortunately some that had the promise of Paradise have fallen asleep before they could receive this promise. They also need to be rescued. Therefore I have chosen some of my warriors to walk through time and space.

They will enter dimensions in which they, who had fallen asleep in linear time, are still alive and they will bring them the truth. You know and understand this concept as the Future Past.

Promise of Paradise

All of my promises will be fulfilled and it does not matter if you, as the carrier of this promise, died or not. I am the creator of time and space and I can always find you through my harvest workers.

Every one who had the promise and will receive the truth and do not reject it will reach Mount Zion. No matter if he comes from the past, present or future. The multitude clothed in white will be gathered from all dimensions.


Triple Grace

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